Am I on the right track to get in to Baylo?

Question by Sara: Am I on the right track to get in to Baylo?
I am a Freshmen in High school right now and I want to go to Baylor for my education, I’m involved in HOSA club and my GPA is 3.6 and I am taking world geography pre-Ap

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Answer by Denny
Let me suggest that you stop focusing exclusively on Baylor as the college you want to attend. There are nearly 4,000 degree-granting institutions in the U.S., so you have a wide choice.

By focusing exclusively on Baylor at this early stage, as your *dream* school, you’re shutting yourself out from what could possibly be amazing and wonderful opportunities to apply and go to other schools that will help you launch your professional career.

Besides, what happens to your *dream* when you apply to Baylor (something you won’t even seriously considering doing until your senior year of high school) and are rejected? Or find out that you can’t afford it?

Fall in love with lots of schools. By the time you begin your senior year of HS, you should have a solid list of 6-9 schools that you’ll be willing to pay approx. $ 50 to apply to. Two-three of those schools you can categorize as “match” schools, which as an applicant you fit perfectly–grades, test scores–and which has the major you want to pursue. Two-three of those schools might be “reach” schools, ones you don’t necessarily stand a good chance of being accepted to, but would be great choices if you were accepted. And two-three of those schools should be “safety” schools, ones where you have an absolute certain chance of being accepted to–based upon your grade and test scores–and that you can afford to attend *and* which are schools you’d be happy to attend.

Baylor might be one of those 6-9 schools you apply to.

Good luck.

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