Are there any large cattle ranches in Iran?

Question by Fred J: Are there any large cattle ranches in Iran?

As a matter of fact, I am a use-to-be from the great state of Montana, just wondering about finding open range cattle ranching somewhere in the world since the BLM basically took our ranch for tourism and bighorn sheep trophy hunting for the rich.

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Answer by 3D Farms
Are you a cowboy ?

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3 thoughts on “Are there any large cattle ranches in Iran?”

  1. Thirty percent of Iran’s cattle are infected with an extremely contagious haemorrhagic fever with officials sounding “public alarm” over a probable new outbreak of the deadly disease, a press report said Sunday. “Iran’s health officials have sounded public alarm over the spread of a contagious Ebola-type disease.

    Well there must be some it seems ,wonder if the rustlers know about the disease ?

    Iran arrests 11 Iraqi cattle rustlers

    TEHRAN, March 17 (AFP) – Iranian authorities have arrested all 11 Iraqi members of a cattle-rustling gang in southwestern Iran, a senior security official in the Khuzistan province said Sunday.

    “All 11 members of the trafficking gang were arrested. They were trying to smuggle 1,000 Iranian sheep to Iraq via the Arvand river,” Yaghgub Tabatabai told the official IRNA news agency.

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