Are there any paying careers similar to the Peace Corps?

Question by Nathaniel: Are there any paying careers similar to the Peace Corps?
I have always been interested in forestry, yet I recently realized that I really want to travel the world, possibly helping other, less fortunate people. The Peace Corps sounds great, but I would like to do something like that for most of my life and make a career out of it, and I believe the Peace Corps only allows for 2 years. I am a senior in high school, and am considering my options, thanks!

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Answer by Susanne
How about working for an environmental nonprofit such as the Sierra Club or Friends of the Earth? Contact a few of the organizations on this list to see if they could use an intern for next summer. You probably wouldn’t be paid yet but you’d get a chance to see if this would be a good career for you and you’d gain some experience that would make you more marketable when looking for a paid position. Many of the organizations on this list work to prevent deforestation while at the same time attacking its root causes such as poverty and ignorance of sound farming practices.

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One thought on “Are there any paying careers similar to the Peace Corps?”

  1. Your first thing is going to be college. The point of things like Peace Corps is to teach people in developing countries skills, so you need to get those first.

    But yes, there are paying careers with jobs people do in Peace Corps. Of course, Peace Corps has all kinds of people who volunteer in different positions, like teaching English at a university, educating nurses on safe midwifery practices, teaching teachers how to build teamwork and helping entrepreneurs create marketing plans. Just as a sampling.

    Everyone wants to travel the world. Most everyone wants “to help.” The best way for you to do so is to recognize that organizations whose purpose it is is to help nationals in foreign countries are businesses, just like any other.

    It’s best not to think “Oh, I want to work for Bread for the World” or “I want to join CARE.” Think instead “I can do X, Y and Z, and this is how it can benefit Bread for the World, CARE or whatever.

    Those organizations have ALL kinds of jobs — presidents and CEOs, librarians, project managers, administrative assistants, travel agents, janitors, writers, etc.

    Where do you fit in?

    If you like forestry, that’s great. There are many countries (including where I served with Peace Corps and where I worked for a year) that have severe deforestation problems. If the subject interests you, study it and figure out later where you might fit in internationally.

    Alternately, you can do what hundreds of others do: find a job and then take volunteer mission trips either domestically or abroad. Honestly, that’s the best way to travel.

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