Colleges in New York?!!!! Please help!?

Question by : Colleges in New York?!!!! Please help!?
I am planning to go to new york for college. I have a 3.46 g.p.a and I attend a catholic and private school. I have alot of service hours, and I have a big activities resume. In freshman year I didn’t get into any honors classes(whcih is strange because I had straight As in 8th grade) in sophmore I got 2 honors classes, in junior I had 3 honors classes and I am a senior now and I am taking 4 honors classes and one AP class. I want to go to school close to nyc. I was looking at places like Fordham, Hofstra, and NYU. I took the ACT once and I got a 25 and I am taking it twice more to get a higher score. Do I have a good chance of geeting into these schools? Please help. I only have a week to decide if I should apply.

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Answer by xquisite
I would say you have a good chance of getting into NYU & Fordham — you could definitely get into Uconn which isn’t too far away and Caldwell college. good luck!

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  1. I think you need to raise up your GPA if you want to get into NYU. Thats probably the only thing and do better on the ACT.

    I also strongly suggest apply to more schools, including “safety” schools. Those are schools that you definitely have a good shot, and in the state of New York, I think your safe schools are University of Buffalo SUNY, SUNY Binghampton, and probably Syracuse. I know those schools arent close to NYC, but those are good schools and that is more important

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