Do you think my daughter will be accepted into Stanford?

Question by K: Do you think my daughter will be accepted into Stanford?
She is a senior right now.
She maintains an above 4.0 average.
She takes all AP and honors classes.
She’s top of her class.
She does lots of charity work.
She is yearbook editor.
She is in national honor society.
She has won a few local singing competitions for her school choir.
She’s very involved in school as you can tell.
Her dream is to go to Stanford.
Do you think she’ll get in?
More information:
She scored a 2,300 on her SAT.

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Answer by John

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2 thoughts on “Do you think my daughter will be accepted into Stanford?”

  1. Your daughter is very accomplished, and from what you’ve described she’s an ideal candidate for Stanford. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the majority of the approximately 37,000 applicants who apply for a spot at Stanford are also impressive and well-qualified, but most will not be admitted. The class of 2016 admit rate was at a historic low, and this year it’s expected to drop even more. An unprecedented number of applications were submitted during the early action round. Stanford is a “reach school” for everyone who applies, so it’s imperative to have a net in place. Your daughter needs to apply to at least one “safety” school.

    Hopefully your daughter has lined up strong letters of recommendation and written thoughtful, compelling essays for the application.

    Best wishes.

    ~ skylark

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