Does our military get too much respect in our society?

Question by Chris Died For Your Sins!: Does our military get too much respect in our society?
There are police men and women who work in very dangerous areas and put their lives on the line each night trying to make their communities a better place. There are teachers who could be teaching at comfortable private school but opt instead for the much more difficult job of teaching in inner city public schools. There are firemen who willingly dash into burning buildings to save people they’ve never met. There are doctors who could be enjoying a lucrative private practice but sacrifice enormous amounts of income to work in teaching and research facilities.

And each of these is to be respected, but I’m not called unamerican should I knot bend over backward to smooch the rear end of each of the aforementioned. I am if I refuse to do as much toward the military.

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Answer by crash.override
The military isn’t demanding or even asking that you respect any one of us. You have the freedom to offer respect or not. And that is what we care about…the FREEDOM you have to choose.

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6 thoughts on “Does our military get too much respect in our society?”

  1. They don’t get enough. Policemen and firemen go home at the end of their shift to their families and air conditioned houses and they don’t have to worry about incoming RPGs and mortars. Our servicemen and women go for months without seeing their families and live in uncomfortable surroundings.

  2. So these people deserve some respect to. What about the military, they spend more than a year in dessert full of people trying to kill them, not seeing their families and often going weeks without something as basic as a shower.

  3. While the afore mentioned people are also worthy of respect and admiration, it isn’t possible to perform those things if there aren’t military men and women there protecting our freedoms in the worst of situations, (multiple times in the past). I’m not saying I’d compare the courage of a firefighter to a marine as courage is of the individual, but military men and women sacrifice more than you know…unless you were in the military.

  4. Go to youtube and watch some footage of some soldiers in a firefight… in war there are no time-outs or breaks a soldier eats, sleeps, walks and talks war 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. A soldier lives in constant anxiety and fear and watches his best friends suffer and die around him. Too much respect???!!!! are you kidding me. Are you aware that the average E1 solddier in the army only makes about $ 1400 a month!!!! It’s because of these men and women that we all have the right to get up on yahoo and say whatever we want.THEY SECURE OUR FREEDOM. I’m not necessarily always supportive of our “millitary” but I will always support our “troops”

  5. police, fire, and military (well some of the military, not POGs FOBBITS and REMFS) are risking their LIVES for their country/state/town/whatever. doctors and teachers really arent, i dont think they belong in the same category.

    out of the 3 you mentioned the military is the only one that effects the country on the whole (NYPD doesnt effect shit in cali for example) so yes i think it makes someone a douchebag if they dont atleast appreciate what others risk for them. so yes not likeing the military is a bit unamerican, while not liking the police/fire fighters is anti-(whatever city you’re from).

    who ever said you had to bend over backward to smooch the rear end of military personel? i dont know anyone who walks down the street in uniform demanding that every civie he passes by buy him a beer.
    no one that i know give’s even 1/100th of a shit if you waive a flag, show up to veterans day parades, thank someone in uniform, whatever. appreciate the fact that you’re not living under a dictatorship where you’d get publically executed for asking this question and that’s about as much as anyone cares about ur personal opinion on the matter…

    edit: caleen doesnt know fact from her ass. there havent been millions of iraqi civilians killed by us troops, there havent even been hundreds of thousands killed by us troops. the current iraqi civilian deaths are between 100k and 110k and if you look at the cause of the deaths you’ll see that over 2/3 of them are by insurgents, not the US.

  6. unfortunately, we cant go on youtube to watch some footage of u.s soldiers murdering innocent children or senior citizens, because of u.s. censorship. so i guess the next best thing is watching u.s troops get shot at by terrorists who were funded by the u.s govt. maybe there are times when u.s. soldiers dont get to eat or sleep, but i guarantee you millions more arabs are unable to eat, sleep, or walk because of terrorism inflicted on them by u.s soldiers. the u.s. troops should not be respected, in fact, they should be exposed for what they really are. u.s soldiers do not secure anyone’s freedom except that of the multinational corporations. i will never support your troops, because i dont buy into your propaganda. the police also get way too much respect. they are nothing but highly paid guard dogs for rich people. you may not be living under a dictatorship, but the u.s govt is damn close to it. it’s no wonder they are the ones installing most of the dictatorships around the world (with the help of u.s military) . u.s military may not get to see their families often, BUT, the people these u.s troops murder in cold blood may NEVER see their families again. the numbers are in the millions. of course youll never hear about this in your beloved liberal media. as far as u.s troops giving you freedom or defending your freedom, take a look around america and tell me if it was any more free than before u.s troops started slaughtering people in iraq. tell me if you think the u.s has become more of a fascist state now because of u.s military aggression. people in arizona, and other states can now be arrested for looking hispanic. take a look around any u.s airport. you tell me if this sounds like a free environment. patriot act, homeland “security”, id cards, tasers, home forclosures. it sure doesnt sound like one to me.

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