How can I word my advertisement better?

Question by Stephen Hawking: How can I word my advertisement better?
I am looking for offer a senior/elderly, care & companionship service, i’ll do thing like walk dogs, wash dogs, clean up after pets, do light yard work, light house cleaning, cooking, also a big part is going to be that i offer friendship/companionship along with my service, maybe someone needs a sitter for their elderly parent, maybe someone who still lives at home, needs some extra help? that’s where i come in, but how can i word this better? “senior daycare” seems kinda bland and more like a job, i want to help, and also be paid 🙂 so what can i change, to better this?

Care & Companionship for Seniors

“Here to make your life a little easier!”

“friendly help, with a smile!”

Here are a few things I can do for you!

-shopping -light yard work
-pet care -all errands
-companionship -daily chores
-in home senior daycare -cleaning, cooking

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Answer by ladyren
Do you have any training for physical care for an elderly person? Such as an LPN? How much “care” are you talking about?

If you are not into diaper changing, then don’t allow the person hiring you to assume that. That is, do not advertise “care”.

As well, you are not interested in being their “buddy” either. You want a job, and you are willing to help, and expect to be paid for it.

What you appear to wish to be is a Personal Assistant to a senior living alone or even a senior couple living alone, who just need a little help. Right? You must as well, have some references….. people who have used your services:

In your place, I’d advertise in places like Craigslist or other free circulars in your area. The below idea assumes that you can be creative in the kitchen, make for them a big batch, say of beef/barley stew, and then freeze portions in individual containers, as well as spaghetti sauces etc.. Often seniors don’t know what they want, so before you run to the store and spend their money get yourself a few cook books or go to, and search for recipes…. or watch Rachel Raye or other cooks. Lots of seniors have a hard time standing for long periods of time to cook things that are then easy for them to fix themselves on the microwave. As well, lots of seniors don’t eat well, because they have no idea what they want. It would be your job to show them various food options that you can cook and freeze for them. And while you are there, and the stuff is simmering, you can walk a dog, vacuum a carpet, or wash a window or two.

Personal Assistant, specializing in seniors

I can make your life a bit easier.

I do such things as:
grocery shop,
cook, prepare meals you can later microwave,
light yard work,
all your errands,
care for your pets, light housework,
helping you entertain
take you to your appointments

I am available for you in three hour blocks of time, minimum, for a fee of $ ____. (I have no idea what the going rate is, but usually anyone paying a housekeeper pays about $ 15.00/hr in my area)

Be aware that you will need a clean driving record, and flawless legal record, and you must be scrupulously honest when they give you money to shop for them.

You as well ought to contract your time in, say three hour segments, as I have suggested, and on a, say weekly, or every other weekly basis. Everyone wants to know what they will end up paying you. No senior wants any financial surprise. Never.

Understand that if they spend $ 600+ in a year, and pay you by check, you must declare it as income, and they must file a form with the feds and the state.


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4 thoughts on “How can I word my advertisement better?”

  1. If I were you, the first thing I would do is give myself a name.. wonder woman, that is if you are a woman.. if you were a guy I’d say Mr. Fixit, anylthing for anyone at any time. Print it on a card and pass them out.. as for as what I have read I am guessing that you are a woman.. so I will take that approach.. again.. give yourself and identity.. so that you can become known by that.. it will seperate you from all others.. Ms so and so.. or lady of so and so.. it should be a name that defines you and what you do. then describe what you do.. elderly caretaker, baby sitting, cleaning, assisting, cooking etc.. spell it out but the most important thing is the Identity.. Name yourself something that defines all the things you do.. Helpful lady, extra hand, someone to lean on, someone who cares, some one to do the dirty work etc.. create an Identity and let everyone know.

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