How disgusting and unhygienic are you with your dogs?

Question by Sir Hoochalot: How disgusting and unhygienic are you with your dogs?
That question from the guy who thinks we’re all disgusting for letting our dogs in the house got me thinking.

How unhygienic are you really?

For me anybody who doesn’t house train their dog is completely gross. I don’t think I’d even go and stay with them. Puppies or elderly/ill/disabled dogs I could accommodate as that can’t be helped but if it’s just laziness… well, I think you’re foul.

Do you let your dogs “kiss” you on the mouth?
Do you let them in your bed? Up on furniture?
Does dog hair bother you?

I think I’m probably up there with the grosser. I get my dog to “kiss” me by licking his nose. :S
He sleeps in my bed. I do change my sheets twice a week though.
I vacuum regularly too.

I’ve also been known to not wash my hands after picking up his poo. I know, gross, but he usually goes at the start of the walk and I forget by the time I get back. I should carry one of those little bottle of hand-washer with me.

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16 thoughts on “How disgusting and unhygienic are you with your dogs?”

  1. I think you should wash yours hands and not let the your dog get in or near your mouth.
    Other wise it sounds like you are doing a great job. My dogs sleep with me they keep me warm and its a special bonding time.
    Have fun!

  2. Lets see…My dogs are house trained, I do let them on the furniture, but not the bed. I don’t really let them lick my mouth, but sometimes they get it accidentally :). I vacuum regularly, especially since I have a GSD/Husky mix (a LOT of shedding). The hair does bother me with my black clothes, but I just use a lint roller. But clothes aren’t really clothes unless you get some dog hair on them! I sometimes forget to wash my hands too.

  3. I have a small Boston Terrier named Pugsly, and yes, I let him lick my face (actually, he has an issue with that… seriously, he licks like crazy) and he sleeps in my bed… he doesn’t smell bad though!

    But I wash my hands after I pick up his poop!


    He’s really well trained though-house trained & trick trained. I agree with you completely when you say “Anybody who doesn’t house train their dog is completely gross.”…

  4. Abbie’s not allowed upstairs, she doesn’t lick my face these days, she’s allowed on the sofa, she eats off plates we’re finished with occasionally, most of the time, the scraps go in her bowl though.

    She’s never saw upstairs, nor either of our beds. Dog hair bothers me ever so slightly, having a black white & tan dog means that hairs show up on almost all our clothes, but….we have a cat too.

    If I pick up after her I always wash my hands, you can get bad illnesses from it, and I’d feel dirty if I didn’t. My mum hoovers like 10 times a day….

    Abbie’s well trained, from day one we trained and we’ve just been out earlier and worked on recall, lie, stop, wait, down & come in sequences.

  5. You crack me up. Yes, my dog kisses me on the mouth. It’s also her medical alert “signal” to me. I guess that makes me disgusting. lol.

    She sleeps not only up on my bed, but under my covers. And, she’s allowed on couches, chairs, and everything except the hard surfaces (tables, counters). She’s actually on my lap under my shirt right now.

    Yes, dog hair bothers me, but shes very short haired so you don’t see it.

    My confessions? I’m not the best at washing her dishes regularly. Some of her toys are disgusting & stinky. I also love to stick my fingers in her mouth when she yawns.

    She’s potty trained and rarely has accidents (our fault when she does).

    I didn’t see the question you refer to, but sounds like someone has some serious OCD. So sad that a person like that was given a pet.

    I’m with Schnauzer Mom; my dog doesn’t smell or have fleas or pests, so that makes life easier. She’s never bathed (spot cleaned only), so I guess that could make me unhygenic as well. lmao.

  6. Our dogs sleep with us and are allowed up on anything that we sit on (couch, bed, chairs). In general they sleep on top of the bedspread, not on the sheets. They are not allowed to counter-surf or table-surf.

    When our senior dogs had urinary incontinence issues, we had them sleep on waterproof crib pads (at one point the entire foot of our bed was covered with them), and in the morning the pad would go in the washer and the dog would go in the tub for a rinse (or wash depending on how bad it was). Any accidents in the house are immediately picked up with Spot Shot, OxyClean, and/or an enzymatic cleaner.

    We kiss our dogs regularly, and they kiss us. Not overly, but still.

    My husband will not pet the dogs while he’s cooking, and if he does touch them for some reason he will wash his hands before he works with food again. I’m not quite that fastidious.

    We have Mini Schnauzers, and one of the things we love is that they are so low-shedding. We fostered a Lab and a Lab mix earlier this year and while they were wonderful dogs, I *hated* the amount of hair they shed.

    I’m pretty much of the opinion that I know my dogs don’t have parasites, they’re clean and odor-free, and I’m not going to play “boy in a plastic bubble” and deprive myself of their company.

    (I should probably add that when I’m picking up after them in the back yard I use a poop-scooper rake and shovel, and plastic bags while we’re on walks – and yes, I wash my hands afterwards)

  7. I’m a neat freak. I have a toddler, and a dog, with a baby coming and you’d never know it by looking at my house. Our dog is trained to go to the door and scratch when he needs to go out (but he rarely has to ask, we usually take him out pretty often). He doesn’t shed, because I brush him every day. None of our furniture, nor any of our clothes ever have hair on them. He is also not allowed to sleep in bed with us. He has a crate, and while we do usually leave the door open to it at night, he sleeps the whole night in it. Nope, he doesn’t get to kiss me on the mouth. He can lick my hands all he wants, but those can be easily washed. I see him use his tongue as toilet paper, and there is no way it’s going near my mouth.
    Dog hair does bother me a little. But since my dog doesn’t really shed, I don’t have to worry about it much. I dry mop every other day, and vacuum the furniture every other day. My toddler does worse things to the furniture than my dog does.

  8. My dog gives me kisses as i call them he licks me and i kiss him back

    He sleeps on the bed hes allowed any were in the house and on any piece of furniture

    he licks hubby’s dinner plate after hes finished eating i have wooden flooring in my house apart from the stairs and jasper is clipped so we don’t get dog hair but dirt we have loads of it from the dog!

  9. Do you let your dogs “kiss” you on the mouth?
    No. *I* find it gross. Though *I* kiss them on the fur. My dogs eat gross stuff outside, *I* don’t want poop kisses.

    Do you let them in your bed?
    I would, but my parents don’t like it.

    Up on furniture?
    I would ocasionally, but the parents don’t like that either.

    Does dog hair bother you?
    Nope, if It did, why would I want a German Shepherd Dog?

    Seeing they are outside (most of the time) dogs, our house doesn’t get that dirty from them.

  10. I don’t let my dogs “kiss” my mouth, because I think it’s gross. My back yard is HUGE, I mean it, full of grass, plants, nature and nasty things to stick their noses into, so I’m not very confortable with the idea. I don’t mind them licking my face or my hands though… I guess I belong to the “gross” section here.

    My dogs are house dogs. They are clean and not too much muddy (I make sure they are clean before entering the house) and I don’t mind letting them on the coutch, but no more than that. No dogs alloweded in my bed. They sleep inside, but on their crates… The Saint. Bernard doesn’t fit on a crate though, so she wanders through the house freely looking for a place to sleep.

    Yes it does, but you must cope with it. Nobody will help me vaccum the fur – owning a chow chow, a rather hairy mongrel and a Saint. Bernard, you get used to this kind of stuff – and I do it so often that I don’t mind it anymore.

    I wash my hands 247. Every care is needed!

    Peace & Love,

  11. I am big into hygiene. I’ve been known to get a little OCD at times. haha.

    I don’t like dogs licking me all that much, especially on the face. Never on my mouth. If a dog were to lick me on the hand I probably wouldn’t think twice about it but I’m not the type of owner who welcomes dog kisses all over my face as a greeting.
    I don’t like dogs on the furniture. Not really for hygiene reasons…. I just think it’s a place for people to sit & I recognize that not everyone out there is going to want a dog sitting next to them on the sofa when they come to visit. I also have a breed that sheds non stop so it’s easier to keep the hair to a minimum if she stays on her own bed.
    Which goes into the next question, I don’t mind dog hair. I accept it as part of owning a dog but I dislike it on my bed.

  12. I have a Yorkie Poo she rarely sheds, she sleeps on my bed with me, she gives me sweet puppy kisses but I don’t let her kiss me on the mouth… She is allowed on the furniture and I can be allergic to some dog hair so I got a Yorkie Poo because they are cute and hypo allergenic. However my dog is purely inside dog she uses puppy pads and I do wash my hands..alot like OCD alot lol!!!

  13. Living in an apartment with two large breeds and two cats, I often joke that if I’m not playing with the dogs and cats, I’m cleaning up after the dogs and cats.

    Zoey is still having an accident every now and then, she’s freshly over excited peeing and is learning her schedule, finally. I swear by oxiclean and simple green for small messes, and by far the best thing i can recommend to pet owners and espec new pet owners is GET A STEAM CLEANER. As cheap as $ 74 from wal-mart, and a couple cap fulls of white vinegar, you can clean up anything. Not just for pets, but for people too. We steam cleaned our living room and dining room last night, and the carpet looks brand new.

    Zoey has a licking problem, and for that we keep lemon juice on hand so she doesn’t give us a full lick down. I don’t even kiss my boyfriend in the morning unless we’ve brushed our teeth, so I don’t allow sloppy kisses from the girls, either. Josie’s more of a nuzzler and they prefer hugs.

    We have a small mattress in the living room for them to lay on instead of the couch, they’re happy with their own piece of furniture. They sleep in their crate 99% of the time, but sometimes I let them come climb in bed with me and cuddle until one of them starts getting too playful or can’t lay still.

    Pet hair does bother me, but I’ve grown up with cats and can’t think of a time where I haven’t had to deal with pet hair. We vacuum regularly and brush Josie (aussie) almost daily, and they’re bathed weekly. Keep them clean like I keep me clean.

    I also wash Zoey’s bed weekly, we fill a pillow sham with stuffing, safety pin it, and then just wash the sham. The last bed she had *somehow* got pulled apart, and after not having a bed for a month she takes better care of this one. Josie prefers floor, so just vacuum under her pen and spray Lysol all over their crates on a weekly basis.

    I love a clean smelling house, so we also open up all the windows and let it air out at night. I love plug ins, candles, tart warmers to keep things smelling nice and not blah.

    With the cats, anyone who has a cat can agree they take care of themselves just fine, haha. Scoop the Tidy Cat litter daily (i used to always use the cheap litter, it’s so much smarter, cleaner, and economical to use a better litter!) and refill as necessary.

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