How do I become popular on the horoscopes section?

Question by Millie Girl: How do I become popular on the horoscopes section?
I really would like to become popular, but I don’t know how. I would like to find a soulmate on the horoscope section, I am a twenty one year old female and I am a college senior. I am a cancer sun, leo moon.

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Answer by Vic
Learn to appreciate others and you will gradually become popular

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2 thoughts on “How do I become popular on the horoscopes section?”

  1. 1. Being popular does not guarantee that you will find your soulmate in the horoscope section.
    2. Just be yourself and there will be people who will like the way you are.
    3. In the horoscope sections, majority will ask for details regarding the zodiac signs (Cancer, Gemini, Leo, etc.), their compatibility with each other, and so on. Be knowledgeable about the zodiac signs, especially their basic traits for each sign.
    4. Answer questions you know best and as many as you can.
    5. Earn points by answering and voting to raise your level, or better yet become a top contributor.
    6. Never use words that don’t help anyone, like “whatever”, “so?”, and “who cares?”. These are obviously unhelpful and there is a chance someone will report your answer for violating the Community Guidelines.
    7. Answer with correct grammar and punctuation.
    8. Be polite and friendly when answering questions. For example, you can simply say “Good luck” or “Hope this helped” at the end of your answers.
    9. Give sources or links to places that can help explain your answer and you just might be chosen for Best Answer.
    10. You may also ask interesting questions to get people’s attentions but it will cost you 5 points.

    P.S. I guess that’s about it. Good luck!

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