How do you get family to move out?

Question by Jayne: How do you get family to move out?
I grew up in a not so awesome situation. I have a younger sister and a brother. We always lived with my parents druggie friends for periods at a time. Mom and dad are drug addicts, leeched off welfare and other government support my whole life. People usually let our family stay with them because they felt sorry for us kids. We are all adults now. My brother has a daughter and is raising her right, keeping her visits with my parents limited. I am happy he does this. My sister is married as well with 2 small children.

The problem… Our deadbeat parents are living with my sister and her husband. They moved into a bedroom in the back of her house about 4 years ago. My sister felt sorry for them and let them move in to stay off the street when the last living situation. They only had to help with stuff once in a while, and stay off drugs. That was the biggest requirement.

4 years later, my parents are clearly getting high again and do not help much or at all. My sister asked that they not get any new animals, and they completely ignored her request. As they see it, they are still the boss since they are the parents.

My dad had a heart attack where he got triple bypass surgery. He is currently trying to collect social security (he was turned down) even though I, their 30 year old daughter, have worked more days in my life than they have combined. I tried to explain that you have to work in order to benefit from social security. I fight with them often on this telling them they need to start making different choices because I will not help them. I have been advising my sister to evict them for the sake of her own family after she calls me crying that they ate all the kids food or something, and she just asked to borrow $ 40 to buy bread and milk for the kids until her husband gets paid. I felt the hurt in her voice as she asked. She never asks for help. She has tried everything but calling the police on them. She asked them to move out on several occasions, but they sleep most of the day away, and have tons of excuses as to why they can’t move out yet.

My sister feels bad about my dad’s health and worries that kicking them out will be bad. I agree. We are trying to honor our parents like the bible tells us to, but my mom wandering around the house blitzed out of her mind had my sister locking her out of the house until she came off her high can’t continue. I have a hard time honoring users and abusers. I do love them very much despite everything. So does my sister.

What I want to know is… What should we do? We already told them they have 30 days to move out but it’s an empty threat at this point. They say “we will once your dad starts collecting social security”, which I believe is a pipe dream and will allow them to stay indefinitely (or so they believe.)

Your advice is appreciated.

Oh, did I mention that these parents are still in their 40’s? my mom is 48, my dad is 47. We are not talking about elderly parents here.

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Answer by Ryde.On
Have your sister turn off all the utilities and come stay with you until they leave . Then change all the locks and don’t let them back in .

With no electric , water or cable T.V. i’d bet they’ll be gone in a week.

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3 thoughts on “How do you get family to move out?”

  1. Have you considered calling Division of children and families or a social worker. People who are high should not be near children. especially those who eat the children;s food. if the parents who are in their 40s have no income the state can put them in public housing and put them on food stamps. they are no your responsibility. you and you siblings have families of your own and they need you, not grandparents who suck the lifeblood out of you. You own a fiduciary responsibility to your own families first. Mom and Dad who chose to get high will have to take care in public housing.

  2. Not sure what state you are in, but in most states you can file eviction notices online. or at the very least download the forms to print them and bring them to the county courthouse for filing. That is what your sister should do.

  3. I have been in this situation before…I couldn’t get them to leave no matter what I said or did…and I wasn’t willing to legally evict them…so I sold my house and moved into a rental and told them they would have to find different accomodations before the sale date because I would not be allowing them to move into the home I was renting for myself.

    They did find another place to live.

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