I’m a senior in highschool. What am I supposed to do now?

Question by pandabearpig: I’m a senior in highschool. What am I supposed to do now?
Am I supposed to already know what college I want to go to and my major or what?

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Answer by Jman
You should really look into schools right now so that you can apply before January or February, some of the school deadlines. If youhaven’t taken your SAT, take it in October so you can have your scores back in time for the application.
Some people don’t know their major until their 2nd or 3rd year in college so you have time to think about that. But look into colleges that you think you have a good shot at, and apply to them.

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One thought on “I’m a senior in highschool. What am I supposed to do now?”

  1. Ideally, you would have done some research on colleges during your junior year and come up with a list of places you might want to attend, so that you could have visited some of them over spring break or over the summer.

    Deadlines for applications for the class of 2010 are coming up soon, usually the latest ones are in December. You also need to have taken the SATs or ACTs, and there are limited test dates still available to get your scores into the schools in a timely manner.

    You should have some idea of what schools you want to apply to, after having read the college guides, visited websites, etc. You’ll want some “reach” schools, some “pretty sure” schools, and some “safeties” among those to which you apply.

    In most schools you won’t need to apply as a specific major, although for some programs you do, e.g. for art you’d need to submit a portfolio, etc.

    Better see your guidance counselor right away and get busy on those applications! Good luck!

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