Is there any one who can help pay for vet bills for a pet recovering from house fire?

Question by Scorched: Is there any one who can help pay for vet bills for a pet recovering from house fire?
Family pet taken to vet hospital after suffering smoke inhalation and minor burns. Owner is blind and on limited income and had no Rider on insurance for the pet. Costs may run upwards of $ 1000.00. Local organizations require the owner to abandon the pet before any help can be given and they will not be allowed to adopt her back. The pet has not been abused, neglected or abandoned by the owner, just a tragic accidental fire caused by a clothes dryer. Does anyone know of an organization who can help with the medical bills for the cat?

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Answer by smartypants909
I would try the Humane Society. They helped us get ferral cats spayed and vaccinated rather than put them to sleep.

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7 thoughts on “Is there any one who can help pay for vet bills for a pet recovering from house fire?”

  1. I’m sure you could speak to your Vet and arrange to pay a small amount of your bill monthly! They’re vets for a reason and I’m sure they’d understand. Oh and if you can’t afford the vets bills then it’s a very good idea to get yourself some pet insurance incase of any future accidents.

  2. Where are they located? Different cities have different organizations that might be able to be contacted.

    If this person is left homeless or would need help for themselves, maybe the Salvation Army would have a contact that would be able to help displaced or hurt animals for something such as this as they do for disasters. Maybe contacting them might be a start?

  3. You can run an ad in the local papers, with the house fire incident, ask for donations…first, ask a Vet clinic if they’d be willing to treat the pet and that an ad is going into the paper to ask for donations. Call around and see if there’s a Vet willing if one wont help. If you have a friend that runs a store of some sort, ask them if you could put a “HELP” donation jar in the store. If abandonment is the only other option, maybe, just maybe, that’s the way the person needs to go…burns are very painful and the risk of a secondary infection is very high, especially without treatment. Best of luck to you, or the person and pet…

  4. I would help, and I think a lot of normal folks would too, $ 10-100 here and there doesn’t take many people. Go to a local shelter and ask them or google any non kill shelters in your area.I think they would all help out a little if asked. Also, you can go to and ask them. They have donated to many small town shelters and are very great people. Seasons greetings.

  5. Yes, I do. This organization may be able to help (see link below). It is ONLINE only. It only works if you follow the instructions to the letter. There is no going around the rules. They don’t take phone calls, have an 800 number or use any other method of helping other than the way they have it structured.

    You would need to have someone offer to apply or have the owner apply directly, online. Read the instructions completely until they are completely understood, then follow them. This is how to get free money to pay vet bills for this animal.

    Good luck.

  6. This one is a natural for a human interest story in a newspaper. If you can talk to a reporter and get them to run a story and ask for people to donate to help, it will work. You will need to get a local organization to manage the money to prevent abuse of the funds. Perhaps the local SPCA people would help.

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