LGBT Do I sound shallow to you?

Question by Saut de Chat: LGBT Do I sound shallow to you?
Alright, well I’m 14 male, and I was sort of talking to this guy on yahoo messenger, and we fell for each other, i’m sure of it, people say teens don’t know what love is, and i say that is a bunch of BS, that’s besides the point, so we totally were totally head over heels in love, and then he sent me a picture of him, and i just spent days trying to figure out how to break up with him, and everytime i did, we would just get back together, oh and i was also grossed out by the fact that he could literally be my grandpa, cause he’s fourteen years older than my mom, and you can reproduce at fourteen, i’m such a cruel person, but that’s the only guy i’ve ever crushed over, does this mean i’m not gay? i sort of had feelings towards this other guy in elementary school named andrew, but that’s it, has anybody else that is gay, never crushed on a guy before?
yeah no kidding i thought he was in his twenties, and then he sent me the pic, and then i finally got him to tell me his age

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Answer by gochefs (Geo)
Wow. You’re just a child. Yes, you’re gay – quit talking to man-cougars on the internet.

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5 thoughts on “LGBT Do I sound shallow to you?”

  1. Your being courted by a sexual predator.

    And no, it’s not BS that fourteen year-olds don’t know what love is. I know you THINK you do, and you think that this new -wave- of emotional and sexual attraction amount to love. I remember. I was fourteen once, too……a very, very long time ago, and I thought that I knew all about love and what love really is.

    I didn’t.

    The awakening was rude and bitter. This man who is courting you online…..he knows you’re fourteen, right? Ask yourself….what would a man old enough to have fourteen-year-old grandchildren want with a sexual relationship with you? He’s a pedophile trolling the internet for young boys, and you are not likely to be the only one he’s chatting with. Report it to you folks and then subsequently the police department and FBI. These child predators need to be STOPPED!

  2. Master Buz Lawson – “And no, it’s not BS that fourteen year-olds don’t know what love is.”

    That would depend entirely on the fourteen-year-old.

    But, I’d say the rest of what you have to say is spot-on.

  3. I don’t think you can really be in love with someone you have never even met or seen. Sorry, that’s not how it works — love is a chemical reaction. You definitely felt something, but it was in vain because as you found out — he isn’t your type.

    Why would it mean you’re not gay? He’s still a man and you thought he was a man all along. You’ll met someone else — in PERSON — and it will happen. Give it time.

  4. I think everyone has crushes and some of them take you by surprise. When I was 23, I would get embarassed when senior chefs were demonstrating stuff to me as it simply triggered what I have always called my “proximity alarms” (I am social phobic and at that time I rarely got close to people.).
    At 30, that got turned on its head when I and a 17 year old trainee chef had a flirtation – and that ended badly because he got teased for liking me and just like you, he didn’t want to be called gay for it. He was my only proper crush so far as males go, and yet I do consider myself bisexual, if only because I’ve been in a fair few men’s beds – although none of them I felt anything beyond friendship for,and sometimes not even that!
    The age difference between me and him was fairly drastic on reflection, but you are younger than he was and your internet guy is, I’m guessing, a minimum 44 (assuming your mum had you at 16 years of age). I’m not surprised you backed away in a hurry!
    I’ve been cruel too during my life: I never hurt people physically but those that have caused me anguish, or sometimes those that I regretted intimacy with, I have verbally pulled them to pieces and demolished their ego entirely. I make no bones about the fact that I do find younger men attractive, but I never hide my age and I am honest with myself these days about my true age (36), whilst 6 years ago, I tried to forget my outward age and my perception of myself was based on my own immaturity and the fact that I didn’t have the courage to embrace life in my teens: hence I based my age upon my experiences. As a Commis Chef (“Commis” meaning, to Begin…), it was necessary for me to believe myself younger as my senior chefs were often younger in years than myself, and I had to concede my own ignorance and offer them respect as they taught me what they knew – and also to compete on a physical level with chefs at the same stage as myself, who were younger again – so all this led me to create the illusion that I was younger than my true age.
    These days I look in the mirror. I have significant quantities of grey hair. My face has started to lose its fleshiness. My beard, when I tried to grow one (it lasted 3 weeks before I removed it) was sufficiently grey to depress me. My stomach is less toned than it was…which I’m working on!! I find it easier to study now that I am less hyperactive but, in truth, I tire more easily. I come home after work (a one and a half hour walk) and have to sit down on two or three occasions as physical exhaustion gets the better of me. I don’t always like the gay scene for its emphasis on youth and beauty as the ideal, but I can fully understand why you as a young man (almost) are shocked by old age. I don’t think that old people accept it overnight either: it is quite demoralising to reflect on the gradual destruction of your own beauty, although it never is entirely gone, for we remain the same person underneath all that.
    The Old ramble incessantly when they converse btw, so I am just being true to type here! You see, a part of me ENJOYS being old!! Anyway, you are not so cruel, at least in comparison with myself and if you were truly shallow, I don’t think you would spend the time reflecting on this situation as you just have done. Take care.

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