MR adult with a bedwetting problem needs an alarm “his size”…any suggestions?

Question by musicimprovedme: MR adult with a bedwetting problem needs an alarm “his size”…any suggestions?
I work at a facility for adults with different disabilities and we are starting teaching with this one guy who wets his bed. We are looking for a pad variety alarm, rather than the kind you wear on underwear. The ones for children seem small in surface area and I also wonder if they would be right for a grownup size puddle of urine output.

The point of the alarm (most beep) is to start the wakeup process while he still has the sensation of having to go…but a vibrate alarm might be more private for him and still as effective. It doesn’t need to be a whole house announcement, you know?

Does anyone have suggestions of where to find the right kind of product for this kind of situation?
WWJD thanks for your input. We know that there isn’t a physical cause for the problem, as in infection or an effect of any medication, or bladder size, etc. Mom keeps up with that regularly to make sure. It isn’t new…but is usually short term stress related. His pattern is when he is in a new environment, he wets until he gets acclimated and then it becomes very much an exception rather than the ordinary. This guy loves us, and loves being with us, his stress is pretty minimal all day (we are pretty sure) and he seems very well adjusted in all aspects of his life. He just keeps wetting. The approach now in addition to prompts before bed, limiting fluids, etc is to teach awareness and help him wake up in time.

Anything else anyone has to say about this, experiences with different alarms, can they be used with disposable or reusable sheet saver pads, etc would all be really helpful.

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Answer by Lilly
I have seen these in a catalog for children called One Step Ahead. This company does have links in their website for products for older children. Give it a look, you may find what you are looking for there.

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2 thoughts on “MR adult with a bedwetting problem needs an alarm “his size”…any suggestions?”

  1. Contact your local senior center to inquire where they get their adult diapers from. The place where the diapers come from might also have the pva’s you are looking for.

    My only concern would be that he might enjoy the sensation of the “vibration” and continue wetting the bed.

    If he is “new” to wetting the bed, you might want to figure that out first. Is there something that has changed in his routine that is making him scared or afraid or feeling out of control.

    Frequent wake up calls to get him to go to bed. Stop his water intake two hours before bed and ensure he urinates before going to bed.

    These steps might help if you haven’t tried them already or can’t find the pva.

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