Preparing for college Fall of 2010, But where do I begin?

Question by Mademoiselle Isabella: Preparing for college Fall of 2010, But where do I begin?
I’ve already selected the colleges I would like to attend in the fall, But I don’t want to apply until November- January because I wan’t to build my GPA up some more.I’ve already filled out for the FASFA. And will be taking the SAT test in October. So what to do next?

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Answer by RoaringMice
I’d suggest you prep for the SAT. Don’t take it cold. At least take a practice SAT first.

You can get practice SATs online, via the College Board, and in SAT prep books. Take a practice SAT as you would in real life – timed, in silence, etc. Score it and see how you do.

Then get an SAT prep book, like the one by Kaplan. Do the book. See if you can improve your SAT score.

Another thing you could start thinking of now are your college essays. If the colleges you’re applying to require essays, you can look at their applications, find out what they want, and then start on those. In this way, you can edit and revise several times, and even have your English teacher look the essays over before you submit them.

Otherwise, you’re on the right track. Keep going!

One note – check the FAFSA. Can you fill it out now, if you plan to start in fall, 2010? I thought you had to wait until January for that. But check, please – my info could be old. If you do learn that you need to do it in Jan, no big deal. Just redo it in Jan.

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One thought on “Preparing for college Fall of 2010, But where do I begin?”

  1. That may be too late to apply. You need to find out what the deadlines are for the schools you are interested in. The schools will look at the grades through the end of Junior year and then again after first semester of Senior year to make sure you didn’t “slack off”.

    You say you’ve selected the colleges you’d “like to attend”. You may or may not be admitted to those schools. Make sure you have “reach” schools, “safety” schools and something in-between, to cover your bases.

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