Q&A: College please help!!!!?

Question by Angie: College please help!!!!?
I graduated an alternative school but I’m a late graduate making me a super senior but i did graduate with a 4.0 would a 4 yr university still accept me?

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Answer by eyesRwindows
Well, that depends on many things. Your GPA is certainly in your favor. But if you went to alternative school for drug possession/selling or any act of violence, you are going to have a difficult time being accepted. You should certainly apply to any 4 year college you want to attend and wait for a response. They will determine based on their data whether to accept you and every college will be different. I also recommend applying to a community or junior college as a “safety” or “back up” in case you don’t get into the 4 year college immediately. You can always reapply again in 2 years if you don’t get in this year.

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