Q&A: Do u think the United States should have universal health care?

Question by Matthew: Do u think the United States should have universal health care?
Do you think health care should be free like in Europe, and other countries?

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Answer by Miss MC
Nope. I don’t like that idea.

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33 thoughts on “Q&A: Do u think the United States should have universal health care?”

  1. Absolutely not.

    … and it’s certainly not “free”. I would like to keep my hard earned money out of the hands of the government, thank you very much.

  2. nope. and for the 10000 time it isn’t free. those of us that work will pay for it, and it is rationed health-care. its very bad.

    Europe has decided.(just like Oregon) that med. to treat advanced cancer should not be covered. so to them you should just die

  3. Yes, but private health care should also be allowed just like we have private schools and private security guards as well as police departments. There should be government provided care for those who need it, and private care for those who want it and can afford the extras private providers will offer.

  4. Absolutely not.

    Universal health care creates loopholes for abuse of tax payer’s money and creates barriers to those in need of care. It also reduces a highly educated and hard working doctor’s paycheck. On another note, if you like having roads to drive on, and police to protect you, don’t bitch about taxes.

  5. It’s not free in Europe .. it comes out of their payroll taxes.

    Patients wait months for treatment for serious conditions, hospitals are overcrowded and lacking in basic sanitation, and the government decides who gets treated based on generic criteria.

  6. NO. And heath care isn’t “free” anywhere. It is paid for by taxes, taxes, taxes.

    And it restricts your heath freedom. If you pay for it through your taxes, you only get what the government approves. That means you only get big pharma’s “disease care” system. If you use alternative medicine, you pay twice – once for the “disease care” system and again for your health care. That is plain BS.

  7. Usa is a country of imigrants,the health care of others is a big bussines,some imigrans have no rights,to health and security(BUT IS GOOD TO BLAME THE IMIGRANTS ,JUST IMAGIME AN IMIGRANT WHIT A HEARTH ATTACK IN A SOO CALL GOOD HOSPITAL OF THE SOO CALL THE LAND OF THE FREEDOM CAN HE OR SHE SURVIVE IS HE OR SHE DONT HAVE ANY INSURANCE?

  8. Absolutely. By every objective measure, those European nations that have universal health care have better care at a lower cost than here. We have the worst health care system in the free world, and that’s got to change.

  9. It won’t be free. It has to be paid for by the taxpayers of this country. Why do you think the taxes in most European countries are so high?
    Do yourself a favor. Next time you get paid, look at your paycheck stub and look at what is being taken out in taxes. Next time you shop, look at the receipt and check out the taxes you pay. Look at the gasoline pump and see how much state and fed taxes are added to it. Nothing is free. Tax payers must pay for these so called “freebies”

  10. you are all absolutly right!
    why should my money go to help out other humans!?
    i made it all for myself and i dont want to share with anyone!!

    come on people! when are you finally going to get it that there are other people in this country that need help!

  11. No, there should not be a federally mandated program in the US.

    #1 the US already has universal health care. Go into any ER in the country and you will be treated.

    #2 Health care is not “free” anywhere in the world. Citizens fund the programs through their tax dollars. The primary reason that other countries can pay for their own systems is because they can afford to cut their defense budgets because the US is expected to take care of their defense for them.

    #3 There is a difference between “Heath Care” and “Health Insurance.” What is being presented is “Health Insurance.” Without rationing the “Care” costs will rise to meet the new demand created by completely removing the end user price competition. Therefore, the government will limit who actually has access to “Health Care” in order to contain costs. This will leave elderly people, people with chronic illnesses, and those with even potentially low chances of recovery without any “Health Care.”

    #4 The only market force in the history of the world that has actually been successful in lowering prices without creating shortages is end user price competition. If the goal was to lower costs, and not to expand politicians control over the people, any bill introduced would be centered around economic incentives that actually have a chance at reducing costs.

    #5 Once the people give the government control over paying for their health care, they give the government the responsibility to control any action that affects their health. Government will have the responsibility to exclude people who engage in activity that increases their health risks. Why should scarce resources go to those who understood the potential risks and still knowingly chose to smoke, drink, skydive, engage in high risk sexual behavior, eat red meat, not exercise, exercise too much, or any other politically determined factor.

    #6 The provision for keeping private options is a farce. If the government plans on taxing private insurance benefits as normal compensation, the incentive to pay into two systems is either reduced or eliminated for most Americans. Particularly for those making less than $ 250,000 per year. There is no doubt that individuals who currently pay their own premiums would opt to stop doing so if their tax dollars are already going to a public system. Why pay twice especially after your electric bill tripled because of cap and trade? As the number of people paying into the public system grew, the government’s bargaining power would dwarf the private insurance companies and they would be forced out of most markets. Eventually we will be left with the single federal payer system that will dictate what they will pay to private providers of medical services. This will force wages lower for doctors, nurses, etc. and quality will eventually suffer and rationing will rule.

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