Q&A: Given the fact that Republicans want to limit the number of people turning 65, what will they do?

Question by Peter Purcell: Given the fact that Republicans want to limit the number of people turning 65, what will they do?
Will they decide to make people repeat their 64th Birthday for a number of years, or will they find another way to limit the number of 65 year old people.

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Answer by Thankyoumam
What are you rambling about.

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Panorama undercover : elderly care

Panorama reveals the appalling treatment of an elderly care home resident with dementia, captured on film after a concerned relative hid a secret camera.
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19 thoughts on “Q&A: Given the fact that Republicans want to limit the number of people turning 65, what will they do?”

  1. i work in care home and that is disgusting , im agree i work long hrs and
    pay is rubish but i give to my residents the best cuality care i have , and
    dosent matter if he is challenging or not , i never left any of my
    residents , cover in urine or feaces , i never abuse verbally or phisically
    any of my residents , for more stress , that i have during the day .

  2. … because they may be wandering and putting themselves in danger, etc.
    and so they become frustrated. Most carers want to do a good job, but often
    feel that they are stultified by their working conditions and time
    constraints. They work extremely long hours (I do a 48 hour week, and this
    is considered short), and are constantly physically, mentally and
    emotionally exhausted. This leads to chronic stress, which can in turn lead
    to action that are (continued)…

  3. I was not surprised in the least about what I saw in this documentary. Care
    in this country is viewed as an unskilled job requiring no qualifications.
    Staffing is poor, so training is often overlooked since there is no time to
    do it, or no staff to cover whilst others are off training. The elderly are
    demanding, and dementia patients can be violent. Staff may have to sit and
    feed a patient for long periods whilst being acutely aware that other
    patients also need their attention (Continued)..

  4. belive me , im sick that is happen but is happen , right but why dont show
    all the good work that we do , all the care that they recive , bad workers
    are in ever are of work , but for thouse few ones , they give bad
    reputation to a determinate sector off work ,

  5. fuck off bitch… if you love your fucking parents.. take care of them like
    they take care of you… not just throw them on a carehome. so u can live
    freely and spend all their money… think first “indio”

  6. I watched it and was absolutey disgusted. It’s so disgraceful that things
    like that can be carried out with very people noticing. It makes you wonder
    whether that nursing home is the only one.

  7. (continued again) In conclusion, I think that care work should be
    recognised as a HIGHLY skilled job. It is far more stimulating and mentally
    challenging than my previous profession, for which I required two degrees.
    If the government wants to reduce abuse of the elderly, they should improve
    our working conditions, work/life balance, pay, and break this
    granny-bashing, thieving, proletariat image that we have at present.

  8. …out of character. On rare occasions, I myself have felt frustration with
    patients being unco-operative and have been punched in the face simply
    because they could not understand what was going on around them. Being
    physically abused by a patient makes you angry, but I have never and will
    never be aggressive towards a patient physically or verbally. There are
    times when you have to call another member of staff to take over from you
    and admit to yourself that you cannot cope at that point.

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