Q&A: Good architecture programs with no portfolio requirement?

Question by spongebodge: Good architecture programs with no portfolio requirement?
I’m a senior and want to apply for architecture. I’ve always loved building/making things from Lego to Tech Design in high school. One thing that I think might set me back is my art skills/portfolio. I’m definitely not the best artist out there so I was just looking for good schools with decent architecture programs where a portfolio isn’t required for admission. So far I’ve got U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois Institute of Technology. Anybody know of any others? Thanks

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Answer by kyle20005
There are several, all traditional universities. You can develop your portfolio as school progresses. According to this list attached, there are quite a few. You might want to avoid some of the heavy hitter Ivy Schools and focus on public schools with national reputations. Examples:

Kansas State (less selective school, good value)
Auburn (great place to go to school)
Ball State (excellent “safety” school admissions wise)
Virginia Tech (awesome school)
Iowa State (another less selective, good value)

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