Q&A: Guinea pig sick??

Question by DearAbby2: Guinea pig sick??
We’ve had our guinea pig, Moe, for 4 years. A couple weeks ago the pad on his foot broke open and he was bleeding ( a lot). His foot is fine now but he’s lost weight (from 5 lbs to 3lbs) and I don’t see him drinking enough water. He’s showing signs of fatigue. He’s still active but I’m thinking something might be wrong. Maybe he’s dehydrated. Should I take him to the vet? Is there anything they can do for him?

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Answer by bucklehoneysuckle
You may want to make sure that the food you feed him is giving him all the vitamins and minerals that he needs. If I were you, and attached to the guinea pig, I would take him to the veternarian to see if they could do anything.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Guinea pig sick??”

  1. I have a guinea pig about 4 years also. Maybe Moe does not drink a lot because of his foot(I know it is better). I think something cut his foot and started bleeding(a lot) and then the
    thing that cut the foot might have gotten into the foot(might not be true)!!! Take your gp to the vet and the water problem is not really a problem-my guinea pig does not drink a lot either.

    hope it helps!

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