Q&A: i feel so suicidal23?

Question by loverofChrist: i feel so suicidal23?
well i have a disability and my parents want to hold me back till im 21 and i dont want that. Then i see other people getting pictures for seniors and getting cap and gown pictuers and they will also go s dimenion and i wont. when i saw the siniors getting pictuers i felt so sad now im feeling like this world is after me i want to crawl up into a hole sometimes even dieing please help.
and for the record this isnt for attention this is the way i realy feel.

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Answer by enyaw78
i dont know what to say but this site really helps me when i’m down.


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Dr. Samir Sinha talks about his seniors’ care strategy for Ontario.

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: i feel so suicidal23?”

  1. you have your life and they have theirs. you are on your own journey. not their journey. so needless to say. its you. you can change all things that come your way. you are blessed even though you may not see. things will work out. you’ll be okay.

  2. Why don’t you try to talk to your parents, sit them down and tell them you know mom and dad this is a big issue, how I feel . Suicide, that will only hurt your loved ones, and who knows what else is out there in your life. I promise you, maybe you will meet someone special in a day, a week, a month , a year.. But you would miss out because you wouldn’t be here anymore if you commit suicide. You know many people need help. We are all disabled in some way. Maybe your is just more evident. 😉 I promise you .. life is worth living. My sister has tried to commit suicide a couple of times, and even thought she didnt’ go throught it all the way, it killed my family, our spirt, our soul. Stick around, there is more to this world then sadness and pain. I wish you the best.

  3. oh im sorry hun!
    well first of, talk to your parents, school counselor, and your academic advisor.

    then if nothing else helps and you still feel suicidal go here:


    please dont kill yourself though, i know there are alot of people who would be really hurt if you were gone, and i promise you will graduate eventually.

  4. ending your life doesn’t solve anything think about the people you’ll leave behind you’ll be creating a lot of misery for them so please don’t

  5. If you are suicidal, then you need to contact:

    You don’t give any information about your “disability.” They cannot hold you back till you’re 21. The law prohibits this. If you are passing all your classes they have to allow you to graduate. And if you are 18 or over, you are an adult and your parents can’t make you do ANYTHING. But even if you are 16 and passing all your classes—-your parents are out of luck. They can’t hold you back.

  6. Sometimes days are really hard for me too. like you dont know what to do anymore and you feel like things would be better if you just werent around and didnt have to deal with it. Just think of everyone who loves you and would be sooooo upset if you left. your parents probably dotn want you to graduate because they’re trying to protect you because they loves you. just try to talk nicely to them about how you want to be treated like a normal girl which you are. theres no difference between you and other girls. just hang in there and talk to them about it. dont give up though. you’ve only got one life to live. dont mess it up. good luck, you go girl!

  7. why are trying to get answers on the internet? you don’t know who is telling you what. either get professional help or quit being an attention whore and/or drama queen.

  8. Life has a way of sorting itself out. This is one of the many hurdles you will face in your life and there’s only one things you can do. Stick with it. Chin up and crack on. Suicide is not the answer.

    Just remember, happiness will prevail. Life is for living.

  9. Oh, Sally, don’t give up! Your life is so valuable know matter what, and you are loved so much. I’m a senior in High School this year, and it’s so sad to see people throw their lives away because they don’t think they’re worth anything and that the whole world against them. If it’s any consolation, listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERSa3lMUM6U

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