question about these fatigue symptoms?

Question by candycoatedchaos: question about these fatigue symptoms?
i have this question to do in my project and i cant find the answer online on in the reading,
“Ashlee is taking three advanced placement classes, and she will be participating in the state competition as well as completing her senior portfolio. She also loves to scrapbook and has been spending her time doing that as well. She has been staying up all night to try to accomplish her tasks. She is now sleeping through her alarm clock. What type of fatigue is she experiencing?”
a. chronic
b. physical
c. synaptic
d. pathological

im not trying to just get the answer i have been stuck on it for over to hours now, im getting stressed out over it cause i want it to be right.
This assignment is worth a big part of my grade,
i do my assignments online as i am getting my high-school credits online since i was sick and missed allot of this school year,
please help me!
10 points to right answer.

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Answer by seriously !!
It would be Physical since, she has been awake all night and even though she might be feeling a little tired. She is over stressing herself from work and so she would be feeling all the body aches and uneasiness. She has to finish her work before she goes to sleep and so it would make her feel energetic but, at the same time her body is killing it self due to the great amount of stress she is giving her self. So, physically she is not fit but, mentally she is. When it is time to sleep her mind has “To wake up when you hear the alarm” but, her body has “Sleep until all the stress and fatigue feelings go away”. So, the mind struggles between two choices, wake up or sleep. Since, our brains have been always taking care of our body, her mind goes with Sleep as the option to pick and refuses the wake up option. After the mind completes the task of sleeping, it will then pick Wake up and suddenly Ashlee will wake up thinking that she heard the alarm. But, in reality she just overslept. This is what cognition and mind, our subconscious mind, does to our body.

WOW ……. I wrote so much now ……. Hope it Helps 🙂
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  1. b. physical {is the correct answer}. She is getting physically tired because of long working hrs. and she isn’t getting enough sleep. You said she slept through her alarm clock so this should tell you that she is getting tired.

    Chronic is not the correct answer since this means that it’s re-occurring and if she gets her proper rest in may never come back.

    Synaptic is not correct since this is related to the nerves and nervous system.

    Pathological is also something totally different and is more related to diseases and how they are caused.

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