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socially conscious pop songs?

Question by KityTheOriginalQueenOfTheWorld: socially conscious pop songs?
what are some really good socially conscious pop songs? I’m making a video for my senior project and want to have good music for the soundtrack.

I’m using some michael jackson, john mayer, ben harper

so what are some other good ones?

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Answer by roadtripper
try Lily Allen, she has some great socially conscious songs such as The Fear, which is about Materialism and Everyone’s At It, about drug culture. And her new one 22 is about society’s attitude towards aging women.

Jose Gonzalez is amazing, I’m not sure if you’d count him as pop but his songs are often socially concious. Killing for love is about people for fighting in the name of religion.

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Q&A: Which sex is the most heath conscious?

Question by Maxi R: Which sex is the most heath conscious?
Did you know in the UK more females smoke than males.
Though more males drink the gap is closing at an alarming rate.
And drink effects women more severely than men anyway according to the British Government that is not a disputed issue.
Heavy drug use is going the same way.
So which sex looks after itself the most and is less of a burden on state resources?

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Answer by Trevor
Men, apparently, are less inclined to go to the Doctor.

btw I am very ‘Heath Conscious’

Heath Ledger

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Fall Prevention Elderly Bedside Assistive Device Motion Sensor Detector Solution. Coolest Device!

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