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Q&A: When doing college admissions, what would be a more reliable source, guidance counselor or internet people?

Question by Lolz: When doing college admissions, what would be a more reliable source, guidance counselor or internet people?
Okay so my nephew is having an issue. His SAT score is very high but his GPA is mediocre, his guidance counselor is telling him to apply to at least one reach school like Stanford or Yale but the people on sites like college confidential are telling him not to waste his time.

Also I have found that the information on college confidential contradicts the information most guidance counselors, college admissions officers and others give out.

Is college confidential really that reliable of a site?
funny thing, I actually found this question


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Answer by K
Ask someone named hmom5. She’s pretty much right about everything…

CC is pretty reliable, you just have to sort through the stupid optimists (3.5 GPA is okay, just apply to Harvard and Princeton) and stupid pessimists (Only 2300? LOL! Retake that).

CC is more reliable than the average guidance counselor, especially one that doesn’t often send kids to top 10 colleges.

Top colleges try to underplay the difficulty of admissions. Princeton says “admission to Princeton is quite difficult”. In reality it’s amazingly difficult.

CC people will tell you that if you’re not a VIP case, you need to be the absolute best in your high school to have a good chance. This is correct.

Harvard might say “Oh, we’re looking for personality” and all of that jazz but you need to be a top student first. That means top GPA and top scores.

CC is mostly correct. Listen to the most pessimistic advice you can find on there (unless it’s completely unreasonable like someone telling you to retake a 2300 SAT score).

Most people are absolutely clueless about admissions at top colleges. People on CC know a lot more.

I’ve learned that about 40% of seats at top schools are not for traditional students but are reserved for the likes of athletes, minority (Black, hispanic) students, legacies (kids who are connected through family), and children of donors. 60% is left for the top students and the competition to get one of these non-VIP seats is amazingly harsh.

Think about it, if the top 25% of Harvard has a math SAT of 790 or above… that’s probably not the athletes who are getting those scores. The VIP kids make up the bottom end of the class and the regular kids must make the upper… and these regular kids have outstandingly amazing credentials.

If you can’t compete, don’t apply. There are no miracles in this game.

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Q&A: Why do Republicans care more about saving a zygote than a dying senior?

Question by Michael Scarn: Why do Republicans care more about saving a zygote than a dying senior?

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Answer by Bear

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http://www.care.com/adults-seniors Employees and Care.com member share their perspective on Care.com’s senior care services and how the team is providing opt…
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A More Relaxed Lifestyle for the San Antonio Elderly

When a person reaches a certain age, he must retire from work and continue his life as a senior citizen. He may not be earning money anymore, but he may have pension to compensate for his living expenses. As he grows older, a person may also experience some health complications that could hinder him from performing some tasks. He may need assistance from somebody else so that he can move around.

For a lot of people, taking care of their elderly is an issue that needs to be addressed. In some cultures, the adult children are the ones who have to take care of their elderly parents. The parents live in their children’s houses. There are also times when the elderly live by themselves in their own homes, but they hire nurses or caregivers to assist them. For the elderly whose health is still in good condition, they prefer to live without any assistance.

However, there are people who cannot take care of their elderly, probably because of their busy lifestyles.

It would be okay if their elderly can manage to live independently, but if assistance is already needed, it may be better to send the elderly to assisted living facilities. This way, the elderly are well taken care of, and their friends and family can still visit them.

Facilities for assisted living San Antonio Texas locals go to are for elderly people who do not need 24/7 medical attention, but who can no longer live independently. These people may need help in some daily tasks, such as grooming, eating or going to the toilet. An advantage for elderly people in this type of facility is that they can still have a degree of independence, but with immediate assistance available.

Assisted living San Antonio facilities are designed to be just like home, so that the elderly residents will feel comfortable.

There are basic amenities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Assisted living facilities in San Antonio may also have additional amenities to let the residents enjoy their stay. There can be arts and crafts centers, theaters, spas, chapels, and game rooms. With this, the elderly are not only taken care of, but they get to live a normal life. They can still interact with other people.

Assisted living San Antonio TX facilities have well-trained staff that are ready to provide all the help that the elderly residents need. These facilities also have good security, to ensure the safety of the residents. In a place like this, they can live a more relaxed and restful lifestyle.

If you have questions, please visit us at www.assistedliving-sanantonio.com for complete details and answers.

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Providing Elder Care to Help Seniors become More Independent

Relatives, partners, and friends can all be considered as family caregivers who provide the necessary assistance to their loved ones with a certain disability. Family caregivers are known to completely or partially provide all the health needs needed by the patient for his/her fast recovery. Some of the ways in which the family may assist their loved one are through emotional support, financial contributions, care management, and, most importantly, hands-on care for their everyday living needs. Accordingly, there are professionals who provide San Diego elder care services who could work side-by-side with the family in helping their loved ones get well sooner.

Home health care is supportive care provided by healthcare professionals at the patient’s residence. It is designed for people who are recovering from a surgery, those who are chronically ill, or for senior citizens who are getting much older.

Home care services may include the some combination of professional health care services and life assistance services. Home care services give the clients the choice for the most appropriate assisted living and residential home care facilities as well.

Professional home health services could include medical or psychological assessment, wound care, pain management, physical therapy, or speech therapy. Life assistance services, on the other hand, deal with daily tasks such as meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, light housekeeping, running of errands, transportation, and companionship.

When seniors or individuals recovering from an illness or injury need long-term or short-term assistance with their daily living needs, home is the most comfortable and convenient place for them to receive care.

San Diego senior home health care professionals provide non-medical companion and homemaker services to seniors throughout the state.

Home care services can provide seniors with assistance and support that residents can surely depend on. All the health care services provided will be based on the patient’s individual needs. Caregivers seek to provide their clients the independence and peace of mind that can only come from knowing that that their loved one has a qualified and caring professional caregiver. The medical and companionship services given by a concerned caregiver are invaluable when it comes to making the seniors feel loved and respected.

Through their experienced, well-trained, and compassionate caregivers, San Diego senior services provide the elders with precious assistance for their everyday needs. The caregivers provide patients with loving care and assistance to make life easier for them and to give their families peace of mind. Patients are guaranteed of getting the best possible assistance from these healthcare professionals.

Learn more of our services at www.alwaysbestcaresandiego.com.

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