what are the needs and fears of the elderly?

Question by laurennn4192: what are the needs and fears of the elderly?
what do elderly people go through that we havent yet?

what is your attitude toward death and terminal illness?

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Answer by Why Is The Rum Gone?
Death, bad health, being mugged, children dying, Scrabble board breaking, running out of crossword puzzles.

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A movie that describes how storytelling in the elderly care is used in parts of UmeĆ„. The movie shows examples and positive effects of storytelling. This mov…
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One thought on “what are the needs and fears of the elderly?”

  1. Depends on how old ya are. They have gone though lost love, war and the hardships and joy of a regular life. death and terminal illness is a personal choice. I believe in hospice in surrounding the person that dieing with compassion and keeping them pain free. Most elderly are aware of the fact that they are dieing and are ready to embrace it. Deep question. Best of luck to ya.

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