What types of programs can help relieve loneliness for the elderly?

Question by Magalie: What types of programs can help relieve loneliness for the elderly?
For my senior project topic I picked the positive effects of people helping elders reduce their loneliness.I already know a few ideas that could help relieve elderly loneliness like pet therapy and staying in contact with them but are there any other programs that can help relieve elderly loneliness?

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Answer by one billion dollars please
Youth in Asia, if you know what I mean!

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Hadrian Park Care Home, Billingham This winter, IDC initiated their Elderly Care Project – collecting kind and generous donations from the Muslim community i…
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5 thoughts on “What types of programs can help relieve loneliness for the elderly?”

  1. Get a home health care worker in to visit even if a couple hours a week. That senior would love it. Also local churches will send people out to visit. Maybe a teen in high school doing service hours would visit them also.

  2. Teach them how to use the computer and play games like Solitaire and go to YouTube they will be surprise what they can find on that one.

  3. 1. their kids could visit
    2. a pet visiting program could stop by (depending on where they’re living)
    3. kids singing
    4. just simple activities like singing, dancing, tossing a balloon

  4. Man elders no longer have the ability to go out on their own, and a trip to the park, a zoo, or a botanic garden would be a very welcome activity to partake of during a visit! Some would rather go shopping, to the library, or just for a drive to see new scenery. Walking may be a priority to some, too.

    Some like to volunteer their time helping others in some way. They might call others who live alone to check on & visit with them, regularly. Or, they might make items for a special-cause non-profit thrift store to sell. IF they live at home, they might want to foster a homeless pet or two until they can find new homes.

    Doing something different each time will add to the interest, but, if they have trouble with remembering where they are (suffering with short term memory loss), they may prefer to stay home. In that case, if they still enjoy card or board games, you can play those with them… However, my 5 ft., 95 year old Mom prefers to play Ping-Pong or Horse-Shoes, and, to show her personal photo albums to her visitors. (Only… I think one of my siblings has recently confiscated the Horse-Shoes… to prevent her from hurting herself, as she continues to *insist* on standing at the same distance as the men stand [38-40 ft]! And, she *still* gets ringers!)

    I regularly telephone an elderly friend who moved far away to live near family who it turns out ignore her. We joke, I play things that interest her from the Internet for her to listen to, & also intend to make surprise 3-way calls to old friends for, & with her, in the near future. Reading to her about the experiences of others who share her interests also helps her to feel better when she is anxious or lonely.

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