What’s the style for this school year?

Question by Believer: What’s the style for this school year?
I’m going shopping next week, and I need to know what going to be in style for this school year. I know that most of you won’t be going back till later, but I’m going back soon. Since this is my senior year, I want it to be my best year, and half of that is dressing in style.
What the style? What shoes are in style? Pictures would be awesome, so I know what to buy. Thank you so much.

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Answer by Mallorie
Watching youtube beauty gurus helps me ALOT!! Krasyrayray and strawberry electric 48 are great. They help tons!

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  1. This years trend has mostly been hipster (high waisted shorts , crop top , flowy dresses, etc.) . Nice places to go and shop that are very trendy yet affordable are forever 21, love culture , and Joyce Leslie . They all have online stores where you can purchase clothing online .

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