When do I apply for university ? when is a good time to?

Question by keisy: When do I apply for university ? when is a good time to?
I’m gonna be a junior i just wanna know how much time I have left before applying I want to bring my grades up before applying .

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Answer by Reina
You’ll be applying during first semester senior year. I highly suggest to do Early Decision/Early Action – you have only your junior year to improve your grades. As for the rest, you’ll also have the first term of your senior year. But that will be tough, because senior year is horrible at first because of all the college apps you have to do.

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  1. Early to mid fall semester of your senior year if you are not technically graduating early because you have enough credit and classes to graduate a semester early, but you want to graduate along with your classmates and go to commencement. I went to commencement exercises for my Master’s degree even though I technically did not graduate until I handed in all the library copes of my master’s thesis to graduate school associate dean. with less than 5 minutes to spare before the six calendar year time limit for my master’s degree ran out. When it’s taken you twenty years and one aborted master’s degree . you need the psychological closure of going to commencement even when BOTH of your parents are dead and buried. I applied for early admission to Tulane and i was accepted around the same week as Thanksgiving. I had to have everything in by October 15 or 30.

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