Where can one look to find a homecare or elderly assistance job?

Question by steve: Where can one look to find a homecare or elderly assistance job?
I have tried looking in local newspapers as well as Craigslist, but cannot find any homecare work there. Located in SW Florida.

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Answer by Snotalie
if one has taken a care aide course often there is a placement service for the graduates.

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6 thoughts on “Where can one look to find a homecare or elderly assistance job?”

  1. You can try your phone book for services for ‘in home patient care”,
    or “in home assisted living care”. Or ” patient care services”. Some-
    thing designating ‘in home care’. I employ workers from CDM Services.
    I don’t know if they are nation wide, or regional. But I have someone
    in three times a week to do housework, and assist me personally with
    what I may need personal help with. Actually, I mainly get a foot
    massage with lotion for dry feet and it helps the lack of circulation.
    There isn’t that much personal care involved with this form of
    assisted living. But what they are able to do, is much more than I
    can. My helpers will do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. And
    then move on to doing laundry if needed. They clean the bathroom,
    and vacuum, dust, and mop. Occasionally there are added clean up
    jobs I need and ask for. As far as working directly with a patient for
    their care, you would have to be licensed as a nurses aide. Or per-
    haps there is a job a bit lower on the list. But the CDM workers are
    not allowed to even trim toe nails. Which is necessary if the patient
    can’t reach their feet, for whatever reason.
    You could consider working at a facility as a hands on worker at
    an assisted living establishment. They need people to serve meals
    at meal time to the rooms, and assist patients with things in their
    rooms. Plus the clean up jobs as well. Unless you are licensed, there
    is not much contact with a patient, I’m afraid.

  2. I would approach an agency or a residential/nursing home. In the UK nursing homes and agencies will sometimes take you on without any experience as long as you pass the CRB check. They will then give you basic training where you will `shadow` someone and then start training you towards NVQ`s whilst in the job.

  3. Do you have any experience? Start calling the different agencies in the phone book. Print up a lot of resumes and mail them out. You never know who might be looking for help. I worked for Home Instead for 6 years and I enjoyed it. Now I am working in an assisted living home for 3 years.

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