Where is a good assisted living facility near Snohomish?

Question by alison a: Where is a good assisted living facility near Snohomish?
My grandpa has demetia and needs help eating and taking his pills, other than that, he’s physically OK. He has a little dog that he would have to be able to take with him. He’s very social and likes dancing and talking to people.

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Answer by Sunny Flower
In the United States there is a network of organizations called Area Agencies on Aging. There is an Area Agency on Aging serving every community in the United States and in U.S. territories. These folks know about different organizations that can help and services available to help in situations like this. They could also provide information and resources that would be very helpful for you as a caregiver to know.

You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find the contact information for the specific Area Agency on Aging where you live that can help you get the information you need. Call the Area Agency on Aging and ask to speak with the staff person who handles the “Family Caregiver” or “In-Home Care” program. You should tell this person that you are seeking help for your grandpa and describe the situation.

Area Agencies on Aging aren’t selling any particular service or things like “insurance policies.” You will talk with someone who works with seniors and caregivers like you every day and you will get objective and practical information. This person will know what kinds of living options are available and other options that also might be helpful to your grandpa and to you..

I hope this helps. Thanks for caring! Best wishes and good luck to you and your grandpa!

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