WHhy do yu hate GEORGE.W.BUSH?

Question by Admin: WHhy do yu hate GEORGE.W.BUSH?
Tell us why you really hate the current president of america

please answer is a senseab;e manner no unwanted answers please

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Answer by John R
I don’t hate him, he just gets a lot of crap because he’s the president in a real tough time. Nobody’s perfect, nope not even the pres.

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12 thoughts on “WHhy do yu hate GEORGE.W.BUSH?”

  1. History will bear out the administrative and strategic failures of this Administration; to discuss it now would just make it politically biased rhetoric.

    The true test of a President’s term is how their policies are reviewed 20 years down the road; as far as I’ve heard, Bush II is currently ranking somewhere around Herbert Hoover for 2nd or 3rd worst President ever.

  2. The reason I don’t like George Bush or the Republicans- Five years after 9/11, the Bush administration and Republican Led Congress has failed to keep us safe. Osama Bin Laden has still not been
    found, and it doesn’t look like any one is trying to find him since we are now bogged down with the Iraq War fiasco.
    The war in Iraq is diverting attention from Protecting America from real Terrorists, A sentiment the 9/11 Commission agrees with. now the war in Iraq has inflamed the whole Middle East and is helping Al Qaeda gather new recruits and sympathizers.
    Katrina showed us all that the Republicans cannot protect us at home and seems not to care to protect us at home. The Republican led congress has not followed through on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission,
    and now the Republican political attacks during the terror
    threat 2 weeks ago are outrageous. The Republicans seem more interested in dirty politics than really doing anything constructive about the terrorist threat. The politics of doing nothing until something bad happens and then blaming your opponent is not working. We need real leadership with real solutions not the games we are currently getting from the Republicans.

  3. like john, I don’t hate the president. but I think he quite frankly is a liar. I know liar is a harsh word but he is. Especially rumsfeld. When asked in news conference if troops had what they needed to protect themselves i.e. adaquete body armor, guns, etc. He said yes. meanwhile at the same time my brother was on his way to iraq with a machine gun and no bullets. no body armour. when his company arrived, they arrived under fire and had no bullets in guns! what kind of crap is that. He is not the most educated man either. He barely made it through college graduated became president and still can’t complete a sentence. its funny to people when he makes mistakes like that but I am embarrased. we should all be. I lean more towards democrats but I look at facts and who can do the job repub or dem.

  4. Don’t hate Bush, just not crazy about his policies and some of the cabinet people he has around him. Sometimes I think he’s just a flunky for Rumsfeld and Cheney’s new order of things and W just does what he’s told to do and thinks what he’s told to think.

  5. Hate is a strong word. He and his party irritate me because in the 2000 election I was in the military and was told I could not vote unless I voted for him. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM!!!!

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