Which senior response system works best?

Question by rose: Which senior response system works best?
My mother has fallen a few times and I need life line or maybe if there is a better system. I would appreciate some help in deciding.

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Answer by Goanna Dundee
In Australia we have a few pendant type alert systems , my mum will be using one called “care alert” I’m sure there would be many where you are , here is one I found for you http://www.medicalcarealert.com/HOME-Medical-Alert-System-Billed-Quarterly-p/mca-quarterly.htm
The one we will be using has no ongoing fees , in addition I removed as many trip hazards as I could and sprayed bright marker paint on outside hazards , make floors non slip especially the shower , have rails and grab handles everywhere , I may move in with my mum if needed , I live one hour away and some of her neighbours have offered their phone numbers and if she doesn’t answer the phone they will check on her saving me a 2 hour round trip if not necessary.
Best of luck with your mum .

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