Why is the elderly treated so poorly?

Question by Jane M.: Why is the elderly treated so poorly?
I know of a situation that a 86 year old blind lady is living in a home that she paid for over 20 years ago and even though her children warned her against these crooks she did not listen. When she entered into this agreement with them she was considered legally blind and with having limited resources it is impossible trying to get her an attorney. Elder law only applies until you go and try and get help, if anyone knows anything please share it. I am sorry I left out the most important part she has become a victim of preidtorial lending and this mortgage company GMAC Mortgage Co. has bilked her real good and the note has been passed around like a glazed doughnut now I can ask for help since you have the entire story. Thank You

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Is that a rhetorical question

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8 thoughts on “Why is the elderly treated so poorly?”

  1. Same thing happened to my late mother. After dad died predators came from every where. Before we, her children, knew what was happening an unscrupulous lender had gotten her to mortgage her home. Finally we talked her into naming one of my sisters power of attourney. That’s the only thing that stopped it.

  2. Here all the tv news programs have an attorney who will do the research, straighten the mess out, and expose the culprits, so contact them.

    Here also there is a legal center and paralegals work it but under the direction of attorneys who have their own practices. They do things like wills, bankruptcies and minor things for those over 65. Call your local bar association and ask what’s available. Some attorneys who are in elder law at least here do come to the house. How do I know that? Because I used to work for an attorney whose specialty was elder law.

  3. Sophieb is right, you should try to get the media involved. Call your local TV station, ask for the assignment desk and tell your story as briefly as possible (TV newsrooms are very busy places). Call the news desk at your local newspaper as well. The media is powerful. As soon as the they shine light on a scandal like this, big corporations that wouldn’t give you the time of day will suddenly think of their public image and become much more cooperative.

  4. contact your local tv station. they may be able to not only tap the resources available to undo this but also expose those who took advantage of her.

    still I think her children should not have allowed a 86 yr old blind lady to live alone.

    at minimum someone should have been made executor of her affairs..but too late for that.

    call each station’s consumer protection unit

  5. We are truly second class citizens. Good luck getting the media involved. There is a lot of anti-senior sentiment right now as we are getting “too much” money from social security “without earning it”. The media is beholden to advertisers and moguls like Rupert Murdoch. Seniors don’t vote as a bloc, don’t have as much buying power as the 30 somethings, and are not currently popular. GMAC and Wells Fargo are among the worst of the banks. Include Chase in there too. These institutions WILL screw you if you don’t watch them closely. They are in continuous litigation from their shady dealings.

  6. Bankers are crooks that the government allows to operate, because all of the politicians get gifts from them. Just think of all the kickbacks that Obama has gotten.

  7. we all get swindled at any age we all get conned at any age we all get abused at any age … we all get screwed over at any age we all get ripped off at any age theres no controlling it we all do listen we all are aware of things out there stalking us we all arent stupid we all do listen its all organized if its all organized or electronic if you will theres not much we can do about any of it life sucks sometimes alot IT DOESNT MATTER IF WERE AWARE OF IT OR LISTEN WELL IT JUST IS WHAT IT IS THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT… we loose money hand over fist in life it makes you wonder how anyone can even afford to work………… and legal stealing out there…… we waste money like it grew on trees .. were all tired of everyone being taken advantage of money wise more than you can fathom at any age gender religion charity legal stealing businesses out there punishments like credit and lawyers and lotterys even bingo sucks and all banks suck ……………. were tired of all alcohol bars if GOD could stop it all???

  8. Contact the congress person for this lady and explain the problem

    also there are attorneys who will do pro bono –free work and take them on

    plus your local TV station may have an investigative group
    that will take care of advertising her plight

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