Will I get accepted into a college?

Question by say no to the NWO: Will I get accepted into a college?
Im really worried about my current situation. My first two years of high school i was an a and b student, as well as the first semester of my junior year. However, the second semester of my junior year i got 4 cs (2 c+ 1 c and a c-) Then this first term of my senior year i got an a- c+ c+ and an f. My gpa currently stands at a 2.7. I’ll admit that i have slacked off and i am an idiot for doing it, but some of the classes that i got cs in were hard for me. I have a pretty solid resume and have been on many sports teams and i am an ambassador of my school. I have three good reccomendation letters and my sat scores were really low in the 1300s. If I shape it up the rest of my senior year will i get into at least a state school or a small private school. I’m really worried can someone help me. I don’t want to attend a technical or community college either. I really messed up and have been having problems at home.

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Answer by sr87dot62
isnt the SAT out of 2400 now? If you got 1300 and your GPA is 2.7…. Your best bet is community college. sorry

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  1. I do not see how your best bet is a community college for a year or two and get your score high so you can them transfer to a university Sorry and Good luck

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