Your rights,when it comes to disclose personal info to your boss.?

Question by Babygirl S: Your rights,when it comes to disclose personal info to your boss.?
Igot some times off from work cause my PB is been on the rise and I’ve also been under alot of tress.I did give them a doctor’s note and also a note to grant me 10 days (unpay) from work until my body get used to the meds.The next day,the director needed to know the types of medications I was taking.I told them,but at the same time,I felt like they should have no right to ask me that question.As long as I have my doctor’s note,anything else is none of their business.So do they have the right,under the pravacy law to ask me the name of medications I am taking???

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Answer by mlgable
What is PB?? I have never heard of that medical abbreviation in over 33 years as a nurse. You work does not need to know the name of the meds you are taking. If they ask again tell that is personal information and unless they can show you the legal info that says they can ask this you don’t feel comfortable telling them this info. Do explain what PB is though as I feel like I missed something in nursing school if I don’t know this abbreviation.

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2 thoughts on “Your rights,when it comes to disclose personal info to your boss.?”

  1. You mean BP – like blood pressure?
    He might have just been curious – maybe he has blood pressure problems too. Ask him why he needed to know, then you’ll know for sure.

    I’ve found that in most companies, only HR people are REALLY familiar with privacy laws. Most other people just ask questions without thinking about it. Don’t be so hard on the poor guy.
    Totally unrelated, EVERY interview I go to people ask me my age. I know that’s not a legal question, but I also understand they’re curious becuase I’m 28 but look like I’m 12. Sometimes you have to factor human nature into things – they ask when they’re curious.

  2. They are not doing anything to illegal but when it comes down to it… you can just not answer there question. I is non of there business. they would have to take you to court and file against you…but I am sure they wouldn’t that far…..and it is illegal to ask you age in an interview…..that is discrimination….

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